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My interview of PLM author John Stark

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

John Stark is a prolific writer of PLM books, writing more than two dozen over four decades. His most recent is "Products2019: A project to map and blueprint the flow and management of products across the product lifecycle".

It is an excellent book for those learning to architect PLM system implementations. Unlike most college texts it is written as a narrative, following a fictional character named "Jane" as she maps the processes of a machine tool manufacturing company with offices in Germany, France, and the US.

I was particularly interested because the narrative closely follows my own processes as a Lead Architect for two of the large PLM technology suppliers. The book does not focus on the technological tools, but rather the business processes which lead to product development.

I read the book too late to introduce it into the 2021 class, but if something in your career path led you to this website, I encourage you to read it.


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