Patrick Hillberg Ph.D.


  • As author, speaker, and professor, Pat addresses organizational dysfunction in product development, how it inhibits innovation and leads to unintended scandals.

  • Decades of industry experience in designing, developing and leading teams in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Digital Manufacturing, Process Planning, Robotics and Machine Vision applications in Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Automotive, Construction, Packaging and other industries.

  • Teaches graduate courses in engineering management called Product Lifecycle Management. Covers "big-vision" business drivers behind PLM, as well as Innovation, Negotiation, Organizational Change, and Agile.

  • Collaborates with industry, academia and workforce organizations to develop talent management strategies, and is an advisor to numerous education and workforce committees.

  • Received a B.S. in Computer Science from Michigan Tech, an M.S.E. in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the University of Michigan, and a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from Oakland University.

Philosophical View

"If we want better products, we need better cultures" 

We must recognize the following:

  • Decomposition Leads to Dysfunction

  • Dysfunction Inhibits Innovation and leads to Scandalous Products

  • Collective Learning is Key

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