Systems Engineering Tools

There are many sources of information for SE tools, such as SysML, MBSE and Agile, and see the links below. There is a very high-level SysML group assignment, for which you will need to understand the first (SysML Lite) video.

Product-Driven Information Systems

The car in your driveway has 20,000 components, and the plane on the tarmac has a million. The development of modern products begins with thousands or millions of requirements, all of which must be managed through the stages of the product lifecycle.

This lecture briefly discusses early-stage requirements management using the Vee-model, SysML, and RFLP, as well as later-stage information structures known as Digital Twins and Threads.

The Air Compressor SysML example given in the video is deeply discussed in Chapter 3 of the SysML Handbook.

Vendor Videos

Here are some links to technology vendors videos on some of the topics (under 4 min). I don't promote any one over another, but they provide some context.

And this 30-minute podcast goes into more detail:


This lecture briefly discusses other project management techniques as a lead-in to Scrum, and then posits that its true value is as a means to encourage Collective Learning, which in-turn links to Systems Thinking.