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Simulation Videos

This is a repository of PLM-related videos that I show in class.

The value of CAD and CNC in pre-fab houses

This video is from 2010, but I show it every year as an example of how CAD-->CNC and modular construction can make life so much easier for the plumbers. (But note her comment at ~1:00 about switching from copper to Pex, and the "pain of change".)

But the traditional means of running a waste line through a basement is to get on a ladder and stick a drill between the rafters; carefully placing each consecutive hole so that they align with a slight downward angle, and then gluing short pieces of pipe in place. But in modular construction, an overhead crane flips the floor to do their work from the top, and all the holes are precisely cut with a CNC, so that a single piece of pipe can run the length of the basement. Hours of error-prone work can be done in minutes.

Then in 2019, the home builder, Bensonwood, had expanded their operation, and This Old House toured their factory. Gives a good overview of the entirety of modern modular construction.

More to come...


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