Give Better Presentations!

Updated: Jul 8

Learning is much more important when you can share what you've learned, meaning a need for both writing and presentation skills. Nothing personal to former students, but I'm tired of watching bad presentations! 😉 And its not just students!

The following are class assignments:

  1. Farnum Street Blog .

  2. The Psychology of Persuasion

  3. The Work Required to Have an Opinion

  4. Ethos, Logos and Pathos: The Structure of a Great Speech

  5. Harvard Business Review

  6. The Science of Strong Business Writing Bill Birchard is an author and writing coach who’s worked with many successful businesspeople. He’s drawn on that experience and his review of the scientific literature to identify eight features of satisfying writing: simplicity, specificity, surprise, stirring language, seductiveness, smart ideas, social content, and storytelling. In this article, he shares tips for using those eight S’s to captivate readers and help your message stick.

  7. Optional for class (but useful!):

  8. Rachel Willis YouTube Channel: Tips on public speaking

  9. Don McMillan: Life after Death by PowerPoint (😂).