Week 5: A Bat Sneezed and the Economy Collapsed

Updated: Feb 2

These lectures (< 30 min total) are a corollary to some of My Writing called "A Bat Sneezed and the Economy Collapsed". The videos provide some pandemic-related examples of four models of Systems Thinking, discussed in Senge's The Fifth Discipline, and Meadows Thinking In Systems.

Opening Video: Discusses Reinforcing and Balancing Loops, Limits to Growth and Shifting the Burden models.

Conclusion Video. Covers Tragedy of the Commons and some some thoughts for the future.

I learn so much from students! 😁 Many thanks to John Wu who pointed class towards this video (not mine). Discusses the rise of mass production, to Milton Friedman's shareholder capitalism, to Deng Xiaoping, to climate change and shareholder capitalism. Thanks John!

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