Week 2 Lectures

Updated: Jan 15

Lecture videos for the second week of class.

Lecture 2A: Transformational times

  • In this lecture, I give a high-level view of the transformations which have occurred over the past 40 years, as a way to launch into the transformations over the next 50 years, which is the likely career span of my students

  • Addresses technology, world-wide GDP, and the explosion of digital information.

Here's a fun video that I refer to in the previous...

Lecture 2B: PLM Definitions

  • In this lecture I introduce Mike Grieves' book Virtually Perfect, and John Stark's book Products2019.

  • The lecture goes on to discuss six characteristics of a PLM system, and how the characteristics lead to Digital Twins and Threads.

Lecture 2C: Circular Economies and Industry 4.0

  • The "end" of product lifecycles traditionally ends when the product is discarded, but this seems unsustainable. When a product reaches the end of it's useful life, it's components need to be used in something else. This includes a link to a video developed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

  • And the World Economic Forum takes a large and encompassing view to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, beyond just higher-tech factories. A brief discussion of the four revolutionary stages, and a link to a I4.0 video developed by the WEF.

Note that I have added two optional articles to the HBSP course pack for this course:

Here is an overview video of the concept of Circular Economy from the Ellen Macarthur Foundation

And the World Economic Forum on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Last, another good video on the systemic impacts of the Industrial Revolutions. This will be assigned a little later in the course, related to Goldin's book The Butterfly Defect.

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