Earth Day Talk at the Nelson Institute

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

On 23-April-2021 I spoke at the Earth Day Conference held by the Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where my talk covered some favorite topics.

A good talk should cover the What, So What, and Now What, so here they are for this talk:

  • What: The mass-production economy (the 2nd industrial revolution) created a century ago ended in December 2019. The next decade will determine what the next century will be.

  • So What?: We have shifted the burden of economic growth onto the planet and the global supply chain, but this now limits humanity’s growth.

  • Now What?: A sustainable world will require localized supply chains. Through Digital Twins, the world can trade virtual information about how to make products, so that the physical products can be made remotely. But for this we will need a skilled, digital manufacturing workforce.